Our Services

Everything in one place - All outstanding services can be found in one place at Gerardus, allowing guests to enjoy comfort and active relaxation simultaneously. Many highlighted services are available without leaving the premises. This is especially advantageous for those who are on short breaks or business trips and would like to indulge in the diverse range of services.

For quality leisure time, there are various sports courts and communal areas on the premises, where both adults and children can find meaningful activities.


For those who wish to find a peaceful place away from the noise of the world, our chapel, accessible from the lobby, offers a serene refuge 24/7 for our guests. A kápolna 0-24 órán keresztül elérhető vendégeink számára. 

Conference Room

The hotel has a total of 1 divisible conference room available. It is ideal for negotiations, corporate events, team-building sessions, banquets, accommodating up to 50 people.

Larger conference rooms are located at the Szent Gellért Forum Stadium, and our Event Hall can host events for up to 1000 people.

Outdoor Fitness Park

Instead of a closed gym, you can perform exercises in the open air. With our muscle-strengthening equipment, even in cooler weather, wearing proper attire, you can build your muscles effectively.


The playground offers age-appropriate play equipment for various age groups.

It is not only for releasing children's energy but also provides an excellent opportunity for quality time together.


We are proud to support eco-friendly transportation and provide our guests with the opportunity for convenient and fast charging of their electric vehicles. 

In the hotel parking lot, you can find 3 charging stations capable of simultaneously charging 6 electric cars. The charging time depends on the car model and battery condition but, on average, an electric car can be charged in 4-6 hours.

The use of the charging station is available for a fee at the hotel reception, where guests can obtain the necessary information about the charging process.