For enthusiasts of an active lifestyle, we have a program that is guaranteed to refresh and enliven your days spent with us. Our hotel's neraby clay tennis courts provide an excellent playing experience from early spring to late autumn, throughout the day.

Whether it's an exciting match with a corporate client or a leisurely game with your partner, our tennis courts offer a perfect venue for sports.

Court Usage

  • Play begins at the start of each hour and lasts for 55 minutes. Please kindly leave the court during the remaining 5 minutes to prepare it for the next players.
  • Waiting for your scheduled time is not allowed on the tennis court. You may enter the court no earlier than 5 minutes before the scheduled hour.
  • The tennis court should only be used with appropriate sports equipment. Running or spiked shoes are prohibited on the clay surface. Tennis shoes are the only allowed footwear for using the court.

Court Reservation and Fees

For scheduling an appointment and information about court usage fees

please inquire with our reception colleagues.

+36 62 554 099